Eating right during the holiday season is likely one of the biggest challenges not only for your waistline but for your blood glucose as well.

To help you stick to your meal plan while still enjoying your favorite treats, follow these holiday eating tips:

Have a snack before you head out the door. Don’t go to the party hungry. Hunger can make it difficult to make good food choices. Have some soup, a handful of almonds or an apple and some water to take the edge off your hunger before leaving for the event.  It will keep your mood and glucose steady also.

During appetizer time, go ahead and hit the Veggie Tray. Filling up on high-fiber and low-calorie raw vegetables, salad, or broth-based (not creamy) soups is a strategy for keeping hunger at bay.

Don’t drink your calories away. Choose calorie-free beverages and it won’t add any weight. Eggnog, the famous beverage of the holiday parties, has a whopping 343 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat per cup, so if you want to get the flavor of the season, consume a shot glass portion instead.

Eat mindfully and you’ll know your fullness the best. Mindful eating involves eating first when you are physically hungry and stopping when your body is satisfied, not stuffed or overly full. Set a goal of eating all your meals this way, paying attention to how your body feels as you are eating, and it will be second nature when you are faced with that amazing holiday feast. True mindfulness means focusing on your meal, enjoying the flavor, and the texture. Put down the fork between bites.

Fill up your plate the healthy way. Dish up your food on a salad or snack plate and portion out by filling one half with non-starchy vegetables, one quarter with lean meat, and the rest with a starch of your choice.

Eat slowly and you’ll gain less. Wait for 20 minutes and notice that your hunger will go away.

Save some room for exercise and go for a walk after the main course. This will allow to check on your hunger and glucose levels.

Keep an eye on dessert time. Only get one small serving of your favorite pie. It’s the first three or four bites that taste the best, so take a small portion of your favorite and savor each bite.

Remember to keep it tasty, keep it healthy, and most importantly keep it waist and diabetic-friendly!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!